2014 - Capstone Working Papers

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency

  • GCC Responses to Regional Challenges of the Arab Spring and Iran’s Nuclear Program | Escontrela, C. | PDF
  • Security Cooperation in the GCC: Challenges and Opportunities | Balzán, C. | PDF
  • Iraq at a Crossroads: Onto the Next Decade | Benitez, R. and Lopez-Toledo, N. | PDF

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • Panama Canal Expansion and Port Security: Perspectives from the Port of Miami | Kubicz, J. and Stancu, I. | PDF

SOCOM - Special Operations Command

  • The Paradox of Free Trade Zones: Economic Prosperity and Transnational Crime | DuBarry, S. and Ametova, E. | PDF
  • The Extent of Collaboration between Transnational Criminal Organizations | Novoa, C. and Neham, J. | PDF

SOUTHCOM - Southern Command

  • What’s Good for the People is Good for the Company? Analysis of the Effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in Latin America | Chirinos, L. and Wright, K. | PDF
  • Caribbean Mass Migration: Which observable factors predict the level of migrant flow once a mass migration event begins? | Bruna, G. and Devarez, A. | PDF
  • Using Social Media as a Method for Early Indications & Warnings of Bial Threats | Fleming, E. and Pamelá, P. | PDF
  • United States Civil-Military Operations in Peru and Columbia | Guest, T. and Chikoti-Bandua, V. | PDF

USDA - United States Department of Agriculture

  • Can micro-finance help small farmers in developing countries improve their livelihoods? | Gonzalez, C. (Coauthored) | PDF