2015 - Capstone Working Papers


  • Wildlife Trafficking on the African Continent and Its Nexus to Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorist Funding | Noel, F. and Thelemaque, I. | PDF


  • Water Scarcity in the Levant | Martha, A. and Natalia, L. | PDF


  • Northern Triangle Security Analysis | Ostergaard, C. and Tchigladze, S. | PDF
  • Infectious Disease and Security in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Benchmark Comparison | Phalen, E. and Victor, C. | PDF
  • Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRCs) in Latin America: Assessing their Effects on Democracy and Respect for Human Rights | Almonacid, M. and Claeyssen, A. | PDF
  • The Measurement of U.S. Influence in Latin America: Hard Power vs. Soft Power Strategies | Consuegra, A. and Sardinas, B. | PDF
  • The Extent of the Lucrative Benefits of Criminal Activities for Terrorist Organizations | Alabina, O. and Estevez, A. | PDF

U.S.Department of Treasury

  • Illicit Finance Practices Among Human Smuggling Networks in the Americas | Gonzalez, E. and Steed, T. | PDF
  • Current Money Laundering Typologies In 10 Selected Jurisdictions | Gil, F. and Miller, J. | PDF