2017 - Capstone Working Papers


  • The Dark Web: Uses, Users, and the Fight against the Digital Black Market | Amaya, C. and Chavez, C. | PDF
  • Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) & Counter-Threat Finance Case Study: Financing ISIS through the Dark Web | Blanco, J. and Ponce, N. | PDF
  • The Impact of Water Scarcity on the Syrian Conflict and the Movement of Internally Displaced People in Syria | Giovanni, M. and Shahbazyan, G. | PDF
  • Wildlife Crime: From Regional Linkages to a Global Crime | Hughes, R. and Salas, V. | PDF
  • Social Media and Online Gaming: A Masquerading Funding Source | Ramos, P. and Funderburk, P. | PDF


  • Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean | Eder, F. and Nino, M. | PDF
  • United States Free Trade Agreements in the Americas: A Perspective on Diverse Objectives | Holderfield, P. and Rashid, M. | PDF

Marine Forces South

  • Issues Associated with International Crime on Commercial Shipping and Customs Clearance Methods within Central America | Aramboles, S. and Earp, W. | PDF

Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Office of Criminal Justice Assistance and Partnership (INL/CAP) and Office of Multi-lateral Affairs (INL/PC)

  • The Role of Narcotics among Terrorist and Extremist Groups | Flinn, J. | PDF

Government Accountability Office (GAO)

  • Climate Change and Citrus Production | Alvarez, K. and Fonseca, E. | PDF
  • A Comparative Study on Disaster Response and Recovery Budgeting | Orcino, M. and Tirado, M. | PDF