MAGA Student Awarded the Inaugural Dinerstein Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Performance

The School of International and Public Affairs is proud to announce that Master of Arts in Global Governance student, Przemyslaw (Jan) Kubicz, has been awarded The Robert and Martha Dinerstein Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Performance. MAGG faculty members were unanimous in their assessment of Jan’s strong and consistent academic performance. According to MAGG faculty member, Dr. Shlomi Dinar, “Jan executed at a level that was excellent on every assignment, every time in my course. His performance was simply outstanding.” With a law degree and experience in the criminal justice system, Jan applied his unique perspective to critical classroom discussions. Mr. Dinerstein, who also serves on the advisory board of SIPA, is a successful attorney and entrepreneur with a deep understanding of global affairs. As the inaugural recipient of the Dinerstein Scholarship, Jan brings together not only expertise and training in law but a passion for international studies. Jan commented on his accomplishment stating, “I was honored to be this year's recipient of the Robert and Martha Dinerstein Scholarship. This Scholarship supports my efforts to complete my second and final year of SIPA's new MAGG program. Through my education in the MAGG program, I aspire to apply my legal background to the dimension of international affairs and governance.” Jan’s future goal is to pursue a career in international affairs and public policy, particularly with an international think tank, lobby group, NGO, or government organization. He also hopes to pursue a PhD program following his graduation from MAGG.