Our students graduate the MAGA program prepared to deal with security challenges of a globalizing world. We work with every student to help identify an appropriate job, internship, or professional opportunity. Given the diversity of interests among our students, the rich array of courses they can take, and the multidisciplinary training they gain, graduating students can be placed in a variety of positions from intelligence to development. Although our program is geared to placing students in government agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses and other professional venues, graduating students have also elected to pursue doctoral degrees as well as research-focused fellowships.


Image"Studying in the MAGA program helped me to develop professional skills I use in the field, and gave me the opportunity to network with a great cohort of fellow students and knowledgeable and caring professors. Being a speaker in an international conference, the internship experience in D.C., the capstone project with the U.S. State Department, and the support of a wonderful staff made the graduate school experience unique."

- Johana Ravelo, MAGA ‘16
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Image"Working through a theoretical and analytical framework, the MAGA program made it possible for me to fully grasp the many social, economic and political challenges of our highly complex world. Its interdisciplinary curriculum served as a catalyst for understanding the dynamics that shape our national security and the strategic approach needed to tackle them. Its integrated career services ensure student success out in the real world."

- Rances Vargas, MAGA ‘16

Image"The MAGA program has been instrumental in my professional development. MAGA classes are taught by stellar and experienced professors who equip you with knowledge and tools to successfully confront the complex and multifaceted challenges in the real world. My cohort is composed of a culturally diverse and dynamic group -who will be lifelong colleagues.”

- Naomie Labaty, MAGA ‘16

Image“Graduating from the executive Master of Arts in Global Affairs program is a great source of pride for me. The MAGA program covers a host of relevant topics including Globalization, Cyber Security, and International Law. The variety of disciplines makes the program very challenging while the faculty are knowledgeable and world class. Whether it is a future in government or the private sector the opportunities for maximizing your understanding of International relations is ever present. Most if not all of what was covered in the MAGA program is relevant to my current work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Overall I have no doubt that the experience with MAGA has only made me a more skilled professional.”

- Donald Dinehart, MAGA ‘16
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Image"The FIU MAGA program was as challenging as it was rewarding. With highly reputable professors and top of the line facilities, I was able to learn various topics of global affairs and gain experience in how to apply what I've learned into the workplace. Apart from allowing me to present my research at three different conferences, MAGA also referred me to the Cuban American National Foundation where I am currently employed. This professional program has given me the opportunity to grow as both a professional and a future scholar."

- Felix Jorge Reynoso, MAGA ’16
The Cuban American National Foundation

Image"As an Undergraduate student, I had an academic understanding of International Relations, but the MAGA program has elevated me to have a deeper understanding of International Relations. By taking courses on Globalization, Human Security, and International Law, I have developed a greater contextualization of the emerging security environment we face today and in the future. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to apply my acquired skills at United States Southern Command in the Strategy, Policy, and Plans Directorate were I have been able to make impactful changes in shaping US Foreign Policy to future of Latin America."

- Richard Hughes, Current Student, MAGA ‘17
United States Southern Command

Image“Coming into the MAGA program, I did not know what to expect. However, after one year in the program I can honestly say my experience has been a positive one. Beginning with the administration who are always informing us of career opportunities and important events that can be helpful to our future. The professors are also passionate about teaching and give one-on-one guidance when needed. Since I started the program, I have been able to expand my range of career choices and I attribute such growth to the assistance and support from the MAGA program. I am currently working for the Department of Justice under the Office of the Inspector General. I credit the MAGA program for this opportunity and feel this new experience will open many doors in my future.”

- Stephanie Alejo, Current Student, MAGA ‘17
United States Department of Justice