Academic Tracks and Resources

The Master of Arts in Global Affairs Program features four tracks, with new potential tracks in the coming years:

In-person: 24 Month Program

The Globalization and Security track prepares students to tackle and address such issues as transnational crime, cyber-security, international human rights violations, surveillance and intelligence, and business risk. Few, if any, entities are immune to the complexities of globalization and, in the current international system, private businesses, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and international institutions seek employees that understand how to manage a multifaceted and interdependent world challenged by a wide variety of security concerns.

The Global Risk and Corporate Responsibility track aims to train a cadre of future risk managers and corporate citizenship professionals that understand the complexities of today's business environment and can help organizations develop strategies to manage a wide array of risks—from political instability to climate change. The key to effective risk management is relationship building, and GRCR students will study how leading corporations cultivate strong and lasting relationships with external stakeholders by behaving ethically and transparently and undertaking projects that promote positive social and environmental change in the communities where they do business.

The International Development track readies students to apply data-based techniques of economics, buttressed with the understanding of relevant socio-political factors, to the analysis of practical problems and solutions in international economic development. In our globalized society, Development Economics aims to improve our understanding of the world’s economically disadvantaged countries and regions, while addressing salient issues, such as poverty, marginalization and inequality. As such, the track will provide students with the needed skills and knowledge to engage and collaborate across various entities such as international organization, government, business, communities, and non-governmental organizations. (Forthcoming)

Online: 24 Month Program

The International Crime & Justice track readies students to operate in the areas of domestic and international crime and justice issues. Graduates of the MAGA-ICJ program will be better equipped to understand and respond to transnational crime and justice problems which continue to present formidable dilemmas in public policy, criminal justice and national security realms. Students will become equipped with the analytical tools to accurately assess crime and justice issues and to formulate relevant programs and policies to counter international crime threats. Accordingly, the track will provide students with the needed skills and knowledge to engage and collaborate across various entities which have an interest in managing internationally relevant crime and justice matters.(Effective Fall 2018)