2016 - Capstone Working Papers

Government Accountability Office (GAO)

  • An Evaluation of Selected Foreign Food Safety Systems | Holmes, S. and Perez, S. | PDF
  • Deepwater Drilling in Cuban Waters Near U.S. Waters and Shores | Lopez del Castillo, M. and Sanchez, O. | PDF


  • Transnational Organized Crime & International Business: The Cases of China and Southeast Asia | Fears, C. and Sainpaulin, N. | PDF
  • Transnational Crime in Latin America and the Caribbean | McGill, D. | PDF


  • Climate Change as a Threat Multiplier: Latin America and U.S. National Security | Kaylor, B. and Reynoso, F. | PDF
  • The Union of South American Nations: Regional Security, Organization Dynamics, and Relations with the United States | Caicedo, J. and Halimi, D. | PDF
  • Argentina's Diplomatic Efforts to Gain Sovereignty over the Falkland Islands | Lopez, A. and Vargas, R. | PDF

U.S. Department of Agriculture

  • Social Media and Smartphones for Agricultural Extension in Pakistan | Nieminski, M and Soriano, V. | PDF

U.S. Department of Justice

  • The Nature of the Illicit Tobacco Trade | Thompson, S. and Valdez, C. | PDF