Professional Development Seminars

The MAGA program offers Professional Development Seminars that supplement the regular curriculum to further develop student skills in different areas. The seminars are held three times a semester for three hour sessions. During each seminar, students participate in interactive, hands-on activities and obtain real-time feedback from experts as well as their peers. Seminar topics have included: conflict resolution, negotiation skills, leadership, handling the media, ethics and professionalism, grant writing, career development, and presentation skills.

Conflict Resolution: Students learn how to communicate effectively, manage diverse work teams, and manage power struggles and strategies for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Negotiation Skills: Students learn principles of negotiation and strategies to find solutions to common problems in a professional setting. Students are also presented with a conflict model survey to identify each student’s problem-solving techniques.

Leadership: Students assess their leadership skills and engage in lively classroom discussions. Students learn useful strategies through “leadership-in-action” workshops such as effective communication, positive reinforcement, and management techniques.

Handling the Media: Students gain an understanding of different forms of communication such as written web, telephone/video, and face-to-face interviews as well as learn interviewing techniques through mock interview sessions with experts and fellow classmates.

Ethics and Professionalism: Students gain in-depth knowledge of ethical theories and how they apply to decision-making, law and policy. In addition, students learn about conflicts of interest and issues of bribery in professional and political settings.

Grant Writing: Students learn the rhetorical context of grant writing and practical strategies for writing an effective grant proposal. Seminar instructors discuss the stages of the grant writing process including the letter of intent, statements of need, budgets, project plans, and executive summaries.

Career Development: Students are guided through the stages of the career development process which includes self-assessment, exploration of options, focus and goal setting, self-marketing for the job search, and career management. The career development session also offers students the opportunity for resume and interview critiques from Career Management Services staff.

Presentation Skills: Students participate in presentation workshops and receive constructive feedback from professionals and peers regarding appearance, clarity, effective communication, and creativity.

As a MAGA student, you will have access to FIU University Graduate School Professional Development Program and many other resources to help you succeed!