Global Affairs Alum Accepts Position at Prestigious International Law Firm After Graduation


Maria Tirado started her Master of Arts in Global Affairs (MAGA program) because she knew it would open doors for her future.

During her search for graduate school, not one – but several – of her friends who had previously graduated from MAGA recommended the program. Tirado also knew the program administrators and staff and trusted them to make the MAGA program a great experience.

“I knew I was going to get a world class education and the program would give me the right opportunities and tools to succeed after graduation,” Tirado said.

Hoping to gain more knowledge as a research analyst, she chose the program’s Globalization and Security track.

After graduation in 2017, she landed a job at Hayman-Woodward, one of the most prestigious international law firms focusing on immigration and business advisory in the country.

“My degree from MAGA was the reason I was hired,” Tirado said. “My supervisor was specifically looking for someone with my background. I was very lucky to be able reap the benefits of my degree so quickly after graduation.”

Recently, Tirado transferred from the Miami office to the law firm’s headquarter location in Washington D.C. There, she works alongside lawyers researching background information for immigration and business cases that the firm handles and develops reports from her in-depth data analyses – daily applying skills she honed during her time in MAGA.

She said that one of the many ways MAGA challenged her to grow academically - and professionally - was through the capstone project where she had to demonstrate research and writing skills of publishable quality. In the case of Tirado, she had to make a comparative study on different countries’ disaster response and recovery budgets.

“It was the perfect combination of everything we studied and learned,” she said. “We were able to put all the skills we acquired to the test.”

But, the biggest take-away from the program for Tirado was the new network of people she met.

She said every human connection made in the program is a resource that can help her in the future.

For those wondering if MAGA is right for them, Tirado recommends the program wholeheartedly.

“I love FIU and I love MAGA,” she said. “MAGA is growing, and it’s a great time to be a part of that growth and experience the level of education the program provides.”

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