Edward Glab

PhD, Political Science, Northern Illinois University (1975)

Office: FIU Modesto A. Maidique Campus, SIPA 506

Phone: 305-299-7155

Email: glabe@fiu.edu

Areas of Expertise: Energy, Political Risk Analysis, Government Relations


Dr. Edward Glab has over four decades of experience in the energy field, including 25 years as an international business executive in the oil and gas, coal and minerals sectors. Glab is an expert on various aspects of the global energy industry, including political risk analysis and government relations, and he has conducted business and academic work in every country of Latin America and dozens of other around the world from Asia and Africa to Europe and Australia. Glab speaks Spanish and has published in the areas of energy, Latin American politics and communications. Glab is available for interviews in English and Spanish.

Courses Taught

ISS 6926: Capstone Project